cover_legend_of_panther_hollercover_ghost_of_panther_holler_800x540Annie Clark Cole’s tapestry of voices is admirable, which explores her colorful Southern folksy way of writing her stories.


… ANNIE, to be very honest, I am truly amazed; when I first received your book, I glanced through it, then put it up on my book shelf with intentions of reading it later, so as not to give me any idea’s while still writing “Durango.”
Last night, going to bed I tossed and turned literally for hours, and could not sleep. Finally at 2AM, I got out of bed and reached for your book.
OMG ! I could not put it down until I had devoured your very last page. As I write this missal I am still with Vick Porter on his incredible journey. In places I saw myself as Mattie, Elizabeth, and even Eileen. I lived their despair with heartache and tears and shared their love.
As of this writing I am unable to account for any particular thing that jumps out at me, as the journey became one in itself.
A marvelously written and compelling story of abuse, hardships, deceit, betrayal, forgiveness and unrequited love, that covers 30 years and 3 generations makes this a truly EPIC JOURNEY.
STOP whatever you are doing, open this book and cry, laugh and love with me…I hungrily await your sequel, “The Ghost of Panther Holler.” You are a remarkable author ! Thank you for sharing !
Rebecca Ra’Chel/Author

WOW!! I am humbled beyond words! Annie Clark Cole, you are an amazing woman! I LOVE YOU!! Thank you so much for my copy! It was an honor and a privilege to read this before it got published! I was shocked to see my position on the Acclaim page! Thank you dear! You are a true friend and I tip my hat to you!
If you guys want a great book that will take you on an amazing journey throughout the old west, then I suggest you check out this link and get this book while you can! Annie and I will be talking about turning this into a full length feature here before too long! Help support a great author with a craft that has been mastered beautifully!
Now…”Let’s Ride!!’ Legend of Panther Holler… Review by Tino Luciano Lawdog Productions/Owner/Director/Actor

“I’ve known Annie Clark Cole for a number of years … but never knew the ‘lioness that lives within her’ until just recently.”
Those who know Annie describe her as a gentle and lovely person, but when she sits at her computer and delves into the world of the characters she’s created, she takes on a determination and resiliency that’s to be admired. As she told me her idea for this story, her enthusiasm was infectious. She had a great idea … with a framework of a story and a deep knowledge that it was going somewhere. Her resolve that her story was going to be wonderful was unshakable. I knew my place was to inspire and encourage her and also be a sounding board for the angles, corners, twists, and turns of the story structure that were tumbling out of her on a daily basis. Step-by-step, they rapidly enriched and deepened her plot and saga. Soon the encourager became the encouraged, the inspirer, became the inspired. I couldn’t wait for those calls from Annie where she described a new twist, a new link in the chain, and a new strand in the web. And, with wonder, I watched her story gradually bloom before my eyes.
I know you’ll enjoy this book. It’s a great ride.
John Castellanos